What is a Snowflake?

Snowflake is an identity protocol designed to protect private data from identity theft on the blockchain by providing a major barrier to identity theft attempts. Let us break it down for you. Just as we have real-world means of identifications like drivers licenses, passports, access badges, etc. We believe that we should be able to […]

Getting some test-hydro

Getting some testnet hydro for you dApps is pretty straight forward. You will need to have metamask wallet set to the rinkeby network and some testnet ether to begin. Step 1 Navigate to the Hydro testnet contract and click Connect to web3, choose metamask and confirm. Step 2 Once your connected, scroll down to the third entry […]

Get some Test-Ether

This tutorial will explain how to get test Ethereum for the Snowflake dAppstore in less than five minutes.You need test ETH to test your dApps on one of Ethereum’s test networks without using real ETH.dApps and smart contracts will still have their respective transaction costs, but it won’t cost real money.Getting test Ethereum is a […]