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Joomla Raindrop Plugin

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Hydro’s Raindrop MFA for WordPress makes securing your site as easy as Installing & Deploy the plugin to instantly give your site and users the security they deserve. It’s designed to do all the heavy lifting on it’s own so that you don’t have to, just toggle few settings as per your security needs (like always on MFA or number of attempts requires) and you are good to go.

Note: Free Hydro Mobile App is required to complete the MFA process. You can get iOS App here or the Android App here.

Hydro Raindrop MFA

Blockchain based Multi-Factor Authentication

Hydro MFA Plugin adds another security layer to your website using blockchain-based authentication layer. It’s designed to work out of the box and offers unparalleled security standards for your website and your users, even beating google authenticator and other popular authenticators by a long mile.


Provides MFA Functionality

100% Free

Works out of Box

Security Customization Options

Provides Seamless Integration

Continued Development

Blockchain Powered

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Joomla Hydro Raindrop

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Other MFAs

Join the Movement!

You are just a step away from tackling all your security problems regarding authentication. Install the plugin and sleep peacefully knowing that our blockchain solution is working constantly too thwart any unauthorized attempt.
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