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Meet the Team

Hydro embraces Blockchain Decentralization. The decentralized Hydro team govern the Hydro ecosystem. Every team member abides by the by-laws of the Hydro program and helps in making all the crucial decisions of steering the project in the right direction.

The community establishes and maintains a set of standards by which team members are expected to hold themselves accountable. Community members can make pull requests, comment on pull requests or engage in discourse to amend these standards as needed. Additionally, team members are expected to be sufficiently well-versed in the materials included in the training guide.

Hydro team member located around the globe drive the project goals to ensure adoption in their home market.

So, Feel you have what it takes to be a member of the team? Start Here!


Robert Kodra
Robert KodraPresident
Joel Kite
Joel KiteVice President
Lenny Gomez
Lenny GomezMarketeer
Marcco Paez
Marcco PaezMarketeer
Richa Joshi
Richa JoshiMarketeer
Jason Garland
Jason GarlandSecretary
Saurav KumarTreasurer
Ayodeji Awosika
Ayodeji AwosikaBusiness Development
Joseph Mennemeier
Joseph MennemeierPublic Relation
Pampey Tripona
Pampey TriponaCommunity Manager
Talha Altinkaya
Talha AltinkayaPublic Relations
Harsh Rajat
Harsh RajatHCDP / Development
Javier Zafra
Javier ZafraAdministratorHCDP / Development
Jonah Hall
Jonah HallUI / UX Designer
Tim Allard
Tim AllardHCDP / Development
Okan Halis
Okan HalisUI / UX Designer
Christopher Wilson
Christopher WilsonSales and Business Development
Kai BloetjesBusiness Development
Mark Anstead
Mark AnsteadBusiness Development