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Meet the Team

Hydro embraces Blockchain Decentralization. The decentralized Hydro team govern the Hydro ecosystem. Every team member abides by the by-laws of the Hydro program and helps in making all the crucial decisions of steering the project in the right direction.

Meet the Elected Team

Project Hydro is an open source project. This means that the Best Community Contributors become part of the Elected Team. Core team leads the project and ensures that the vision of Project Hydro is upheld.

The community establishes and maintains a set of standards by which team members are expected to hold themselves accountable. Community members can make pull requests, comment on pull requests or engage in discourse to amend these standards as needed. Additionally, team members are expected to be sufficiently well-versed in the materials included in the training guide.


Robert Kodra
Robert KodraPresident

Vice President

Joel Kite
Joel KiteHydroBlockchain Github, Twitter, & Blog Account Creator, HCDP Task Creation, Whitepaper Author & Editor, Writer, Designer of Silly Hydro Logos, Moderator


Lenny Mauricio
Lenny MauricioMarketing
Marcco Paez
Marcco PaezLead Marketeer
Richa Joshi
Richa JoshiMarketeer


Jason Garland
Jason GarlandSecretary


Saurav KumarTreasurer


Jason Garland
Jason GarlandSecretary
Robert Kodra
Robert KodraPresident

Public Relations

Ayodeji Awosika
Ayodeji AwosikaBusiness Development
James Elijah
James ElijahSocial Media / Technical Content Writing
Joel Kite
Joel KiteHydroBlockchain Github, Twitter, & Blog Account Creator, HCDP Task Creation, Whitepaper Author & Editor, Writer, Designer of Silly Hydro Logos, Moderator
Joseph Mennemeier
Joseph MennemeierPublic Relation
Pampey Tripona
Pampey TriponaCommunity Manager
Saurav KumarTreasurer
Stephen Ward
Stephen WardHCDP gaming dApp ideas, Infographics, The Hydro Update Instagram page, Hydro Giveaways, Evangelist
Talha Altinkaya
Talha AltinkayaPublic Relations

HCDP / Development

Harsh Rajat
Harsh RajatHCDP / Dev, ProjectHydro Website Designer / Developer, Ice Whitepaper Author, Ice Protocol / Hydro Drive dApp Developer, Raindrop WP 2.0 Architect, Mobile Solutions Architect, Consulting & Full Time Hydrolite!
Javier Zafra
Javier ZafraHCDP / Development, PetFriend Dapp developer, Hydro & snowflake educator, Digital Art Ownership dApp Development
Joel Kite
Joel KiteHydroBlockchain Github, Twitter, & Blog Account Creator, HCDP Task Creation, Whitepaper Author & Editor, Writer, Designer of Silly Hydro Logos, Moderator
Jonah Hall
Jonah HallJoomla MFA Plugin
Pete McCarthy
Pete McCarthyProduct Manager
Tim Allard
Tim AllardHCDP & Development Lead, dApp Store Re-Skin, HCDP Task Creation & Assignment, P2P App, Consulting, Day to day development

UI / UX Designers

Jonah Hall
Jonah HallJoomla MFA Plugin
Okan Halis
Okan HalisUI / UX Designer

Business Representatives

Ayodeji Awosika
Ayodeji AwosikaBusiness Development
Christopher Wilson
Christopher WilsonSales and Business Development
Kai BloetjesBusiness Development
Mark Anstead
Mark AnsteadBusiness Development Lead

Hydro Community All-Stars

We are a diverse, decentralized growing ecosystem of developers, translators, designers and community all-stars passionate about the advancement of Project Hydro. Have you contributed to Project Hydro before? Let us know and get added to our list. We are stronger in numbers and our individual skills, backgrounds and perspectives make us what we are today.

Community Contributors

Stronger, Faster and Truly Decentralized


Alwin Drenth
Alwin DrenthHydro Raindrop PHP SDK, Hydro Raindrop for WordPress, Hydro Raindrop for Laravel Framework and more
BigDaveHydro Raindrop Joomla Plugin
brett91agRaindrop Plugin for Salesforce, Raindrop SDK for ColdFusion
Clément Lakhal
clemlakInvoicing Solidity Smart Contract for Snowflake, PoC dApp, Code Reviews, Snowflake dApp Store Development
hydrogenHydro Founder, Developer, Consultant and Hydro Advocate
Keith Mukai
kdmukaiGift Cards Solidity Smart Contract for Snowflake
LuiserebiiCoupon Marketplace Smart Contract
merloxRandomized Lottery Dynamics Smart Contract for Snowflake
AnnonymousHydro Raindrop CakePHP Plugin, Snowflake Whitepaper, P2P iOS App
Serkan Algül
Serkan AlgülRaindrop Java SDK
tommycoxDrupal Plugin for Raindrop

Community All-Stars

AlJhonHCSP Rep, Hydro Advocate
Chidi Aloysius Eze
Chidi Aloysius EzeTwitter and Facebook Campaigner, Spreading Good News about Hydro, Reaching out to Exchanges for Hydro Listings
ChristensenBeta Tester, Hydro Advocate
Dan Brainbridge
Dan Brainbridge
James Morillo
James MorilloAnswers FAQ on group, Article Writing, Twitter Marketing, Community engagement, Brainstorming ideas
joaocardoso87Hydro Advocate
KenbereyHydro publisher on Publish0x, HCSP member
Kyle Gibson
Kyle GibsonHydro Advocate - Twitter & Telegram
Monte Thomas
Monte ThomasHCSP member,Sales/Marketing of Hydro Raindrop 2FA App, Prospecting Clients for Hydro Suite of Offering, Hydro Advocate
Talha Altinkaya
M. Talha Altinkaya
NorihiroHydro Advocate
Oluwadolapo Ololade
OluwadolapoEnglish White paper to Yoruba, English Raindrop to Thai
SamuelMarketing, 2FA App Awareness, Hydro Advocate
Smith Oshinowo
Smith OshinowoTwitter and Facebook Campaigns, Hydro Advocate
StanislavHydro Advocate
SypherTelegram Engagement, Protocol Bot, Hydro Advocate
Temitope Agboola
Temitope AgboolaHydro Advocate
The Crypto FoxSocial Media Promotion, Infographics, Community Supporter, Evangelist
ZeshHydro Advocate


hydrogenHydro Founder, Developer, Consultant and Hydro Advocate


asrainciGeneral Design (Header, Community Logos, Memes etc.)


AmeyumiWhitepaper translation into Japanese
timurRussian Twitter and Telegram Support Group
Kayode Sunday
Kayode SundayHCSP, Translated white paper from English to Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian and Bengali
Lyssandros Spyrantis
Lyssandros SpyrantisTranslations (Greek,German,Polish,Spanish,French), articles and posts, Hydro Advocate
Toni Marroni
Toni MarroniGerman & French translation support

Hydro Community Development Program (HCDP)

Bounty Program Hero Banner

The HCDP is a core program to Project Hydro. It is a collection of paid developer bounties run by the Hydro Community to advance the ecosystem or its products. Any community member can post and create a task for others to fulfill. These tasks could be for an SDK or library, dApps (SOLIDITY), tutorials, enhancements and more. Tasks get assigned a bounty total and are paid upon fulfilling the requirements. Learn more about the HCDP program here.

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