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The Hydro Protocols are available to use on multiple networks. All of our protocols and dApps are powered by Hydro tokens.

Hydro has a total supply of 111,111,111 which was elected by its community. The distribution between chains is handled by our bridge that swaps your tokens between chains. Once the swap from one chain to another is complete you are free to enjoy the benefits of your chosen network.

All of the Hydro tokens that are consumed by a Smart Contract will evaporate, hence the supply will continuously decrease over time.

Roadmap 2022


Keresverse: Whitepaper & Teaser
  • Keres Gitbook with all the whitepapers and documentation related to the game released.
  • Short teaser video of the Game released
  • Deploy the Hydro token and integrate into the Hydro Bridge.
  • Deploy a select number of Hydro Protocols on the Polygon network.
HydroSwap V2 upgrades mainnet
  • Introducing Droplet LP token
  • Frontend updates including portfolio
  • Hydro Bridge integrated in the frontend
AegirWallet: New Coins
  • Polygon (MATIC)


Keresverse: Alpha Release
  • Transition to UE5
  • First Demo of the Keresverse released to a select number of community members and game enthusiasts for feedback
CoinEx Smart Chain 
  • Deploy the Hydro token and bridge it to our other EVM deployments
  • Deploy the Hydro token on the polkadot parachain Moonriver and bridge it to our other EVM deployments.
AegirWallet: New Coins
  • MOVR (Moonriver)


Keresverse: Opens Its Gates
  • Keresverse Website is launched
  • Stake HYDRO to receive Keres assets
  • Keres NFTs and Keres token live
  • Unique NFT avatar profile
  • In game explorer
Snowflake v2 Deployment
  • Deploy Snowflake v2 on Moonriver to make use of an EVM compatible polkadot parachain.
  • Integration in the Hydrogen platform for enterprise use.
AegirWallet: UI & UX Overhaul
  • Release the new UI/UX of Aegir wallet


Keresverse: Marketplace
  • Launch of Marketplace for trading of Keres assets
Keresverse: Casino
  • Launch of Casino for gambling with Keres Assets
Keresverse: Battle-Arena launched
  • Launch of FPS battle arena with tokenized rewards

Snowflake v2

Tokenized KYC on the blockchain for secure identity management


Blockchain Augmented Gaming Universe featuring NFT Assets


Decentralized Exchange controlled by an Automated Market Maker

Aegir Wallet

Multicoin Wallet Featuring NFT and dApp support

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