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The Life of the New Global Decentralized Economy

Hydro is an open-source project, with a global community dedicated to simplifying blockchain adoption

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Hydro's Vision

A Quick Overview

Hydro is an open-source blockchain project, with a global community of passionate smart contract and product development specialists dedicated to simplifying blockchain adoption

Hydro’s vision is to be the life of a new global decentralized economy, allowing for secure and interoperable decentralized applications across P2P payments, B2B payments, Point of Sale, Remittance, Lending, Credit, Savings, and Tokenization. This new ecosystem is built on top of our revolutionary ERC-1484 identity standard.

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Raindrop Phase



Raindrop is a multi-factor authentication protocol that allows user accounts and databases to be secured using the power of blockchain.

Snowflake Phase




Snowflake is a smart contract built using the Hydro ERC-1484 identity standard, enabling for applications to be linked to a user’s digital identity (EIN), or their HydroID.


Identicons unique to individual Hydro addresses that provide a secondary security layer

dApp Store

Hydro houses dApps built on the Hydro Snowflake Identity Protocol (ERC-1484). Our protocol seamlessly validates users, and provides the means to build in-app subscriptions and other services

Ice Phase



Ice is a document signing and verification protocol allowing users to stamp and verify documents

Tide Phase



Tide is a series of protocols that connect with ERC-1484 to allow for identity linked payment apps. Examples include P2P, B2B, POS, Remittance, Lending, Credit, Savings, and Tokenization

Mist Phase


Artifical Intelligence

Mist is an artificial intelligence protocol which will create industry leading data modeling of high-speed transactions and fraud detection

Hail Phase


Security Tokenization

Building on top of others, Hail enables the tokenization and monetization of a multi-trillion dollar market for security tokens, tying together assets, attributes, investors, rights, and more!

Developer Portal

Hydro Given So Far...

The Hydro Community Development Program (HCDP) was created to foster the growth, health, vibrance, and complete decentralization of the Hydro ecosystem. Under the HCDP, Hydro Community Members are eligible to complete development tasks in return for HYDRO tokens. The HCDP provides a positive feedback loop for the members of the community to continually improve Hydro!

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