Keresverse Public Beta
Keresverse is released as a public beta to evaluate its gameplay.
- Full Gameplay Beta
- Public access with free beta key
Aegir Wallet Refresh
Aegir wallet gets an UI and UX update to integrate the new Hydro Style!
- Updates in preparation for the Hydro Testnet in Q4
- Integration of the Keres Diamond.
Keresverse Website Beta
Keresverse Website live for beta testing.
- Main interface & Registration.
- Keres Diamond on testnet for evaluation.
Keres Diamond, The Keresian Protocol.
Deploy Keres Diamond on testnet for integration with Keresverse.
- Keresverse Assets on testnet.
- Keres Voucher redeem contract on testnet.
Hydroswap Refresh
Hydroswap performance and UI/UX upgrades with vital preparations for the Regn Testnet.
- Hydroswap transitions to Svelte.
- UI/UX update to follow New Hydro Style.
Regn Testnet
Genesis block of Regn Testnet, the blockchain powered by Hydro.
- Regn Testnet Genesis block.
- The first Hydro Testnet Coins are mined.
GameFi is at the core of the Hydro Ecosystem.
Join us in the Keresverse where you can manifest your skills to earn. Explore Web3 with us!