Introducing Hydro Pay, the first fast and feeless app in the crypto universe. No more annoying "gas" fees or charges. Pay friends and family for food, drinks, rent, tickets, and so much more with Hydro Pay!

Sign up to be an initial beta tester. The app will be released in the iOS App Store And Google Play Store later this month!

Hydro is building the next generation Paypal.

Hydro Pay is the first no fee crypto payments app.

Quick Transactions

Sign-Up Bonus

Get 1,000 - 10,000 free HYDRO after you download the app and make a transfer.

Send crypto without paying middlemen.

Fiat-Hydro Transfers

Coming in future versions of the app.

No Gas Fees

With the speed of blockchain technology.

"Future Hydro Pay updates will add fiat onramp and offramp, added ERC-20 token transfers, followed by interest, loans,

invoicing, B2B payments and so much more!"

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